1. Are there any special circumstances in which a student will automatically receive financial aid?

No, there are no special circumstances in which a student will automatically receive Tuition Assistance. In order to be considered for Tuition Assistance, students must submit a Tuition Assistance application form together with the required documents to the Office of Financial Aid.


  1. Does applying for Tuition Assistance lessen my chances of being admitted to AUA? Is my financial situation taken into consideration when admission decisions are made?

No, admission decisions are made by a separate committee which does not have any information about your financial situation. Your Tuition Assistance application is considered only after you have been placed on the preliminary list of admitted students.


  1. Will AUA disclose my financial situation to a third party?

No, all the information submitted in the Tuition Assistance application is confidential.


  1. If I apply for Tuition Assistance, may I apply for scholarships as well? Is it possible to be awarded both scholarship and Tuition Assistance for the same academic year?

Students do not apply to scholarships; academic scholarships are granted based on merit and other criteria. It is possible to receive need-based Tuition Assistance in combination with Academic Scholarship.


  1. What if I don’t apply for Tuition Assistance for the first year of my studies at AUA, may I apply for the second year?

Yes, Tuition Assistance decisions are made for every academic year. If you have not applied, or applied previously but did not receive Tuition Assistance, you may apply or re-apply for the following year of study. Students who received Tuition Assistance for one year must also re-apply for Tuition Assistance if they wish to be considered the following year.


  1. What if do not need to apply for Tuition Assistance, but I would like to pay the tuition in installments. Do I still need to hand in the Tuition Assistance Application?

No, if you have thoroughly analyzed your financial situation and think that you can pay tuition in installments on the dates listed in your education contract, you do not need to submit the Tuition Assistance Application.


  1. What are the deadlines for applying for Tuition Assistance?

Please submit your Tuition Assistance Application form together with your Application for Admission, or please refer to the updated deadlines published on the webpage of the Financial Aid. If you apply by the rolling admission deadline, you are still eligible to apply for Tuition Assistance and your application will be considered.


  1. Does AUA provide student loans?

Yes, American University of Armenia has teamed-up with Byblos Bank Armenia to offer heavily subsidized student loans for its Graduate and Undergraduate students in their junior and senior years of study.