Payment Options

a) Installment Payment Plan

A payment plan allows a student to pay his/her annual tuition in equally disbursed installments prescribed by the education contract.

b) Flexible Payment Plan

This options allows the student to cover the annual tuition in 10 or 12 installments prescribed by an amendment to the main education contract.

c) Deferred Payment

A deferment is a temporary period during which a student is not required to make tuition payments. Deferments allow a student to temporarily suspend part of their tuition payments for a specified period of time, prescribed by an amendment to the main education contract.

Please schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Coordinator to discuss the terms of a Tuition Fee Deferment and set a new payment schedule.

Effective academic year 2017-18 deferred payment option is available for freshman and sophomore students only. Graduate students, as well as junior and senior students may apply for student loans. For more detailed information on the given option please click here.

d) Work Study

A form of self-help aid; a subsidized student employment program. Within the framework of the program, students may seek employment for up to twenty (20) hours per week within the university. Work study contracts are given every semester.

Students employed under work study program are expected to sign a work study form.

For all questions related to the Tuition Support Program please contact the Personnel Office